Public Realm

Proposed Public Realm

The public realm is the heart of the Plan Area and, based on our stakeholder engagement process, has been expanded on the eastern edge along 83 Street NW. Overall, the intent is to design the Plan Area to celebrate the people, cultures and natural and built heritage of the community; reduce its ecological and urban footprint; celebrate all seasons; enable diverse activities; be attractive; move users through and across the Plan Area; and foster pride and ownership through a strong sense of place.

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Privately Owned Publicly Accessible Space

Within high density transit-oriented communities, open spaces, such as parks, plazas, greenways, and landscaping, become important enablers in creating healthy communities. The plan area is located in an area that ranges between 4-10 hectares of open space per 1,000 people. There is an opportunity to not only enhance the Plan Area with additional open space, but also provide access to the surrounding communities. Across the site, wayfinding will play an important role in helping to move people to and from the site and provide quality access to all users.

The Transit plaza within the Retail and Entertainment District is intended to have strong active edges, animated by retail frontages that spill out onto the plaza, with a high degree of transparency, along with restaurant and café seating and activity. The plaza will be punctuated by a large water feature which can allow for year-round enjoyment and animation including skating during the winter. The central park within the Boutique & Central Park district will allow for year-round activities and will be programmed for various community events. The large park will be framed on the north and south sides by restaurants with terraces and patios looking out onto the landscape. This will not only animate the space but allow for a safe and engaging experience. Pavilions, designed in different local styles, are planned for the park which could house restaurants, cafés, ice cream vendors, and more. The aim is to introduce a water feature that represents a naturalistic river running from the east of the site to the west. In addition, two central focal point features are planned that may include interactive water features, art and/or other entertainment activities.

The open space within the Garden District will be oriented toward a quieter residential environment and provide a serene space while accommodating community gardening opportunities. Buildings within the district will have active residential frontages and provide shared access to park space. Throughout the Plan Area will be pocket parks, landscaping, greenways, tree-lined boulevards, and more to break apart massing, provide convenient and high-quality pathways across the site, and connect the open space network within the site and to the surrounding communities. Public art in the form of murals and sculptures will be explored throughout the site to provide users with enjoyable, and memorable experiences and create a sense of authenticity.


The streetscape is designed to have a fine-grain human scale with generous space to accommodate frontage zone, pedestrian through zone, and furnishing zone. Canopies and awnings are proposed for the various uses at the street level to create shelter from the sun, wind, rain, and snow to create a comfortable environment. The streetscape will be designed to accommodate lush landscaping and support a healthy tree canopy.

Winter City Considerations

The site has been designed to maximize sun exposure to the streets, sidewalks, and open spaces across the day. Shadowing will be mitigated through tower placement and separation, building articulation and sculpting, setbacks and stepbacks, and use of reflective materials. As well, colour, light and protection from the elements will be explored throughout the Plan Area.