Redevelopment of the Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre site will align with local planning regulations, objectives and opportunities while reflecting the priorities of the community.

The Framework

Redevelopment of the Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre site is guided by several planning documents from The City of Edmonton. In addition to aligning with Transit Oriented Development guidelines to accommodate the inclusion of the new Bonnie Doon LRT Station, the plan will meet the standards around density and servicing that are established in the Municipal Development Plan and the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan.

Other plans that will help shape the redevelopment include: The Way We Move (Transportation Master Plan), The Way We Live, The Way We Green, The Way We Prosper, Residential Infill Guidelines, Complete Streets Guidelines, Winter City Design Guidelines, and Breathe: Edmonton's Green Network Strategy.

Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Growth Plan

The Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Growth Plan provides a 50-year framework to help guide how the city evolves and thrives. The Plan includes a focus on collaborative growth,the efficient use of infrastructure, compact communities, economic opportunities and healthy lifestyles. Read the plan.

Photo by Tom Ritson on Unsplash

The Way We Grow: The Municipal Development Plan

The Way We Grow is Edmonton's Municipal Development Plan (MDP). Last updated in 2010, the MDP is a strategic planning document that guides the evolution of the Edmonton's urban form and directs the development of more detailed plans for neighbourhoods across the city. Read the plan.

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Transit Oriented Development Guidelines

The City of Edmonton's Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Guidelines were approved by City Council in 2012. The Guidelines establish The City's requirements for transit-oriented development (land use, transportation, design) near current or planned transit stations. Read the guidelines.

Photo by Brandon Erlinger-Ford on Unsplash