District & Built Form

Districts & Built Form



The Plan Area has been programmed to incorporate five districts to better describe the intended built-form, public realm, and uses. Uses may transcend districts as demand dictates. To provide feedback on the proposed plan, click here.

Commercial District

  1. Mixed-use area with possible higher concentration of
    office commercial.
  2. Animated frontage along 83rd Street
  3. Significant open space
  4. High degree of connectivity to Idylwylde

Boutique District & Central Park

  1. Heart of the Plan Area
  2. Unique ambiance and design character
  3. Retail focus, pedestrian oriented and human scale
  4. Significant central park with diverse programming and features to create a unique sense of place

Retail & Entertainment District

  1. Outdoor and enclosed retail centre with food hall and entertainment space
  2. Transit plaza with strong active edges, programming, and multifunctional spaces, including a year round water/ice feature
  3. Primary entrances to retail centre
  4. Active frontages along primary public corridors

Health & Wellness District

  1. Establishes a strong institutional presence within the Plan Area
  2. Anchors the north end of the plan and  is complementary to the adjacent Edmonton Public Library, Bonnie Doon Health Centre and Dermott District Park

Garden District

  1. Includes multi-use trails
  2. Residential focus with supportive mixed-uses
  3. Townhomes at ground level
  4. Large community gardens with water features
  5. Multiple opportunities for public art

Proposed Built Form


Block Patterns

The plan area is positioned as an elongated rectangle oriented north-southbetween 82nd and 88th Avenues and east-west between 83rd and 85th Streets. To create efficient circulation, reduced massing, and become fine grain,the site is divided into nine smaller blocks. The site is bisected by an east-west connection linking 84th Avenue between 83rd and 85th Streets. The site is further defined by a north-south main street connecting 84th Avenue to thenorth side of 83rd Street and carries west to 85th Street. A series of local roads connect in both east-west and north-south directions form blocks that support a highly walkable neighbourhood. The blocks align with the existing street network and mirror the adjacent properties to a large extent.

Street Wall, Proportion, and Frontages

The site and block design ensure a high degree of transparency into the podium levels and ensures 360-degree architecture. The podium level across the site will consist of a uniform built form and provide transition in scale betweenthe surrounding neighbourhood and the plan area. Frontages range across each district and are designed to accommodate active and or animated frontages, a high degree of transparency and accommodate either patio or front yard zones depending on the district. In most cases, the street to podium wall proportion is approximately 1:1, creating a fine grain and human-scale.

Transition of Scale

As the site abuts the Bonnie Doon LRT stop, the area is punctuated with thehighest buildings within 200 metres of the LRT stop located in the south eastcorner of the site and transitions across the site to medium scale buildings to the north west corner. As the lands located east and south of the site densify, it is anticipated that the scale will increase to match the plan area forming a high-density transit-oriented node.

Height, Density, FAR,and Setbacks
  1. Proposed Site F.A.R.: 4.5
  2. Minimum dwelling density: 225 du/ha
  3. Minimum Floor Area Ratio: 1.0
  4. Proposed heights range between 25 and 40 storeys on east side of site and between 8 and 20 storeys on west side of site
  5. No Setbacks Required but may be provided for frontage zone to support
Allowable Mixed-Uses East of 85 Street
  1. Residential (Medium to High Density and Live Work)
  2. Commercial (Automotive, Retail, Office,Hotel)
  3. Institutional (Education, Health,Government)
  4. Entertainment (Bars, Gaming, Sporting, Restaurants)
  5. Recreation & Culture
  6. Agriculture
  7. Utilities
  8. Signage (incl. digital)
Allowable Mixed-Uses West of 85 Street
  1. Residential (medium density)
  2. Retail
  3. Signage