Concept Plan

The Connect Bonnie Doon Conceptual Master Site Plan has been supported by a consensus based process where the City, Community and applicant agreed upon design principles and a general concept plan that ultimately leads to this Conceptual Master Site Plan.

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About the Concept Plan

The Conceptual Master Site Plan is the blueprint and basis to inform and guide the Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2), providing City of Edmonton administration with a tool to guide future decisions as they relate to the redevelopment applications for the Plan Area. The Conceptual Master Site Plan generally aligns with the City’s statutory and non-statutory planning framework and regulations while balancing the feedback provided by City administration and community stakeholders.

The Conceptual Master Site Plan proposes significant proportion of open space, including sidewalks, transit plazas, linear promenades, pocket parks, and large open programmed green spaces that are easily accessible throughout the Plan Area and from the surrounding neighbourhood. These spaces have been strategically located along the edges to act as a buffer between Bonnie Doon Centre and the existing neighbourhood. The Conceptual Master Site Plan proposes a large transit plaza in the south west portion to promote connectivity throughout the Plan Area.

Overall, the concept anticipates a minimum FAR of 1.0 and a maximum FAR of 3.5 depending on the layout. The Conceptual Master Site Plan’s depiction of height and density corresponds to the DC2 regulation.

The Conceptual Master Site Plan demonstrates how density will vary throughout the Plan Area, which accommodates the greatest heights and densities in strategic locations in the centre, in close proximity to open space or adjacent to transit. The south portion of the Plan Area anticipates an enclosed retail area with towers above.

While most the Plan Area accommodates a mix of uses, the western edge will be limited to lower heights that are residential in nature, to allow for an appropriate transition to the existing community.

The Conceptual Landscape Plan anticipates and provides opportunities for a community garden, dog park, transit plaza, and multiple landscaping features and public art. The DC2 Regulation ensures the location and intent of the public realm while allowing development flexibility as development progresses.